Why You Are Not Consciously Thriving In Your Life


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thrivingconsciosness pictures

To truly thrive in life requires a consciousness that directs thriving frequencies so that they can be applied practically, effectively and efficiently. Plus a vehicle that is capable of receiving and streaming this information, that is your body. This is and what the Connective Embodiment™ Thriving Consciousness 4 Weeks Intensive installs and sets up for you in the areas of ‪#‎money‬, ‪#‎health‬, ‪#‎love‬ and many more……
Connective Embodiment™ is here to Illuminate, Simplify and Align. It is a quantum energy that is now available for upload on this Earth plane. The upload is facilitated by Trilby D. Johnson, and this consciousness serves as a platform between the physical body, its energy bodies and the intense accelerated photonic energies that are permeating all and now manifesting and coming into our range of awareness. This Connective Embodiment provides a physical context which will enhance the body’s cells ability and capacity to capture, encrypt, integrate and transmute these diverse and varied vibrational frequencies. This provides an easing of the strain and stress that our bodies are undergoing as they too acclimatise and rewires the brain installing new neural pathways.
Not only does Connective Embodiment encourage and oversee lightbody integration rapidly and with ease, it will directly hook you up to and align you with your original Soul signature’s blueprint. For centuries we have been out of alignment – thus off centre – from our our Soul signature’s tune. The majority of human bodies today are not able to tune into nor assimilate their tune efficiently and quickly. This has been visible in the constant and impenetrable sense of struggle and emotional upheaval that so many have experienced not only on a personal level, but on a social, cultural and even global level.

It is now possible to shift all of this held deep within the subconscious and to move on from striving to a life of thriving, with focus on the areas of money, health and love. Our current understanding and definition of these aspects has been skewed – deliberately manipulated – leading the majority to lead lives of quiet desperation and unexplainable suffering. Connective Embodiment is here to change this! It is deceptively subtly and extremely powerful. It is here to propulse us into the reality we are truly meant to be living and actively co-creating. One of expansion, health, abundance and joy.

If you are ready to move from struggle and striving and to fully embrace a thriving consciousness, please visit my website www.connectiveembodiment.com to read about all that will be illuminated, simplified and aligned in the 4 week intensive. It will quite simply be Life-Changing.

Now you may be thinking, this sounds too good to be true and it cannot be that simple. How is that programming working for you and showing up in your life? What if the beLIEf that no pain no gain is a lie that is keeping you separated and distracted from what really works for you? That keeps you in that space of feeling disconnected and dissatisfied with everything in your life, even though you may have what many consider an ideal life? If you are ready to change, experience a true sense of inner connection and alignment and be in-tune with life, then contact me now. Start investing in yourself now at http://www.connectiveembodiment.com

In Gratitude and Light.

Trilby D. Johnson is an Author and Vibrational Integration Mentor whose message of self-actualization, embodiment and self-love invites people from around the world to embrace their Sovereign Authenticity as they release chronic thinking around money, health and love. She provides tools and skills for people to live a life free of pain, suffering, sadness and self-limiting beliefs and makes spiritual living practical.

Find out more about the possibilities here – http://www.trilbyjohnsontheconnective.com

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How to Successfully Become Ungrateful


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30595594-action-word-written-with-crossing-out-the-word-talk-by-a-man-over-white-backgroundSo much is said nowadays about being grateful and it being the answer to so many problems and how it will turn your life around. I overheard a parent the other day, teaching their toddler polite etiquette – you know, say hello, what do you say when someone gives you something? – for use in their later life. I was left wondering what happens between toddler years and becoming adults and how much they still use this in their everyday life at home, at work, in relationships with friends or loved ones. I have also written many blog articles offering tips to people on how to change their lives and step into a different reality. Not very successfully, I might add. I have participated in self-development and conscious raising workshops, only to find a stubborn strain of ungrateful behaviour settled in quite comfortable and showing up as a wolf dressed in sheeps clothing. People may say or pretend that they wish to be grateful, however, as the saying goes, ‘actions speak louder than words’ and I have found both very true when it comes to an attitude and words of gratitude. So this time round, I thought I would write something to serve this permissive behaviour and offer some clear guidelines and suggestions on how to successfully become ungrateful.

  1. No civilities please
    Greeting someone when you meet them, talk to them, text or email them is so totally overated, don’t you think? Being civil, why whatever for? A big no no is using their name. Keep it impersonal. I mean who gives a stuff if the person you are interacting with actually knows that you are interacting with them or not. And whatever you want to make them feel, it is certainly not that you are honouring their presence with a simply hello. Hell no, you certainly don’t want someone else to feel good do you, especially as you don’t yourself. More often than not it’s not a good morning, afternoon, or evening anyway, so let’s just skip the good part, if not the greeting all together. I mean, it’s totally understandable that you feel insecure, grumpy, stressed – and why should you suffer alone ? Just don’t greet people!
  2. The forbidden question
    So, you’ve managed to get a conversation of some kind going – if a text and an email can be considered communication, which in today’s fast paced modern tech and sophisticated social networking world it is of course – and you are totally absorbed in getting your message across and really don’t have time for anything that doesn’t concern you directly.
    Whatever you do, remember to NOT ask the forbidden question – ‘how are you?’! And heaven forbid that if by mistake you erroneously do utter these totally insincere three words, just keep moving and don’t even wait for the answer. I mean, it’s not like you really care is it! You know you don’t actually want to hear their reply and even worse still, care about what they say or what’s showing up in their life. I mean really, you are way too busy and self-absorbed to worry about silly little things like that. And if they feel slighted, well that’s their problem not your’s. That’s what you read in a self-help book.
  3. Only when you want something
    To really fit into your role of being ungrateful successfully, be sure to only contact people when you want something from them. Ignore them the rest of the time. And then of course, remember points 1 and 2 above. You aim is to make sure that everybody you come into contact with knows without a doubt that you really don’t give a damn about them, further than they can get you what you want that is. I mean isn’t that what responsibility is about!
  4. Use texting, email or social media only
    To ensure those impersonal boundaries are respected, be sure to use text and/or email as much as possible. Again, keep in mind points 1 through 3. Isn’t the advent of texting and email such a relief. Now you get to be totally impolite, rude, aggressive, threating and abusive, without having to even worry about the recipients reaction, because you don’t have to see them hear them, or hell, even know them! Remember as attention is your most precious commodity, don’t waste it by giving your time to another person. They could misconstrue this and feel good about spending time with you and heaven forbid, good about themselves.
    Text, email, social media saves you having to make the effort of physically getting up and interacting with others, so you can still communicate with your loathsome colleagues sitting two desks away, or that horrible next door neighbour that you just cannot bare speaking to, unless as in point 3 you want something from them. And if you have to interact in person with them remember to implement all of the above points. Face to face conversation would require going against points 1 and 2 which would make your efforts to succeed at being ungrateful fail. So don’t do it. That would make you seem happy and grateful, so don’t do it.
  5. No compliments or only insults
    You know how your mother told you if you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything? Well, your mother was wrong! People just don’t like it when you compliment them. Have you noticed, they go all embarrassed. So when something good happens for them, just don’t even mention it. When something bad is happening to them, this is your chance to support them. Tell them how awful things are, what a horrible place the world is, how people are unreliable and of course add a bit of abuse as well, to make them feel good.When someone else achieves something, do not congratulate them. How dare they think they are better than everyone else. I mean, who do they think they are! So they won a prize, published a book, got married, looked really good in their new outfit, had their hair done, got good news, etc. You just can’t congratulate others because that could be mistaken as gratitude.
  6. Drive aggressively
    When you are in your car, drive aggressively! That way you scare others and make it very clear that you are coming and they need to get out the way. And of course, screeching tyres at 3am in the mornings will just show them what a dude you are. Just so it’s clear.
    If anyone dares to irritate you on the road, use aggressive language and body language to let them know that they have totally pissed you off. Courteous driving, no way!
  7. Holding doors or giving way
    Now this would be asking too much. You see that person just behind you? It would mean you actually noticing them, then taking seconds out of your totally free day, to wait and hold the door for them. And if they are of the opposite sex, then please be especially rude because they may just think you are hitting on them or supporting their sexist movement.
  8. Complain about everything
    Whatever comes across your attention span, complain about it. Find something wrong with the perfection of the setting or rising sun, the weather, your health, your body, other people, the rich, the poor. There is plenty to complain about and if you actually run out of stuff, you can always complain about not having something to complain about.

If you apply these points above diligently and with passion, or not, you will very quickly become successful in being ungrateful. Success guaranteed.

Well I could go on a bit more, however it is important for you to become expert in these points above first, if you aren’t already. If you consider yourself a spiritual person who is here to show the rest of us how it’s done, then be sure to enforce these so that the whole world gets to know that you are not a doormat and that you can proudly say that you did it your way, without any gratitude at all. After all, you carry the light and it speaks for you. I mean you are so busy working on yourself, right! As for gratitude, well it doesn’t work anyway, so why should you be the one to bother, no one else does right. You’ve got more important things to do! Like being successfully ungrateful!

So if you have gotten this far in reading this article, please know that I am being satire here. I have to mention this, just in case some people take these suggestions to heart and think I am condoning this type of behaviour. Do you recognize people you know? Or Yourself perhaps? Sometimes when we can see the behaviour play itself out and identify it, it becomes possible and easier to change it. By switching all the points above around, gratitude will be present in your daily life, not only for you but for others too. It’s time to put into practice what your parent’s instilled in you in those early years and bring it into our daily lives as we interact with others. I know its there. Buried deep perhaps, but bursting to come out. The Manners of Gratitude.

Honour the people you meet by greeting them and using their name – yes even your family/spouse and those you see every day, otherwise familiarity may breed contempt. Not a state of gratitude. Use the roads and public places with courtesy because people took the time to make this available to you.  Compliment or congratulate someone or yourselves for having done something well, whether it is something new or something they do day after day. Never mind if they could receive it or not. It’s about you.

Hello, How Are You?, Please, Thank You, After you, You are welcome – are still powerful tools for gratitude for everything and everyone showing up in your life. They are not merely words when used with consciousness. They become tools and actions for and of transformation. Now it’s up to you to perhaps find all the places and spaces within your heart and your life where you can apply them more or differently. Cause after all, talk really is cheap. Like lack of gratitude. And in the end you do pay, somewhere. Even if it’s in your lack of caring. Gratitude is living the ‘And so it is’ and bringing it into this NOW moment. It’s the present. Use it throughout the day and in all you do. Whether you consider yourself a spiritual person or not, these forms of greeting put the spirit into living. Manners of Gratitude.

Thank you and In Light

Trilby D. Johnson is an Author and Vibrational Integration Mentor whose message of self-actualization, embodiment and self-love invites people from around the world to embrace their Sovereign Authenticity as they release chronic thinking around money, health and love. She provides tools and skills for people to live a life free of pain, suffering, sadness and self-limiting beliefs and makes spiritual living practical.

Find out more about the possibilities here – http://www.trilbyjohnsontheconnective.com

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When A Plan Comes Together


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1620442_10206154259676357_7128481905842765906_nThere is a magic to Life that is found in the most simplest of situations. In fact, more and more, it seems that things show up with ease and almost effortless. When things become flustered or chaotic, it’s time to pause and step back. Not step back as in give up, but rather as an acknowledging of the natural laws that really run the show. So it’s a reminder that it’s time to tap into to the magic and allow it to bring it in.

With any plan, one that will work, there has to be a clear intention. Like when you set out on a journey from A to Z. You know where you are starting and you know where you are going. What happens on the way between B to Y this is the part where the magic happens. Your part is in choosing to go on the journey and to enjoy the adventure on the way.

Today, was a day in which plans came together. Not mega huge things, but a coming together of smaller pieces that simply shift into position. Magic often shows up silently and almost unobtrusively, yet its power is incontestable.

I had to take my cat to the vet today. I had booked in with a particular vet. So imagine my trepidation when I realized that I had booked in with the ‘wrong’ vet. I got the names mixed up. Or so I thought! He was amazing and just the person I needed to see. In the short time I was in with him, he took care of my beloved feline friend with such caring and efficiency. I had taken my cat in, expecting to be told that she would have to be operated on. That is what the other vet had advised. He also gave me a solution on how to deal with a stray cat that has been hanging around my place and attacking my cat, for the last year. I had called animal control, the SPCA and also taken the stray cat to the vet and was at a loss at to what to do. Here was the information I had been asking for. All this magic arose from staying opening, constantly asking what the next and best step was and who could help me. And then with a wave of its wand, the Universe ‘mistakenly’ put me in touch with just the right person. It is so wonderful to get the right person and circumstances align. I love it when a plan comes together.

But there’s more. When I came to pay the vet with my card the transaction was denied. Admittedly a bit miffed, I called the bank when I got home to find out what the problem was. I got to speak to the most delightful and helpful lady on the phone. She answered my questions and walked me through opening up an online account, which I had previously been told was not possible. So once again, an apparent mistake with my card led me in a direction which turned out to be highly beneficial. Magic at work!

So what exactly was the plan that came together, you may be wondering? Today, in the matter of a few hours, I found the resolution for several issues that had been of concern. The synchronicity between past events and the ‘mistakes’ that took me to where I would find the resolution I had been asking for, is undeniable, although some may insist on calling it coincidence.

They say that to see the Magic, you have to look for it and be willing to see it. I had started my journey from A to Z almost over a year ago, had made several stops along the way, gotten lost on a few occasions, had some great and not so great moments. Throughout it all I kept on coming back to the plan – asking for direction on how to get to Z, being willing to receive and consider the options that showed up on the way and taking action and in moments of doubts choosing to know that I was on the way to Z and trusting that I would arrive. The magic is found in those moments when the plan comes together and there is no doubt that you have arrived – exactly where you need to be because you are there. And what’s so exciting is that each day there are plans coming together in so many ways and to receive their unfolding with thanks, fun and adventure. And then to start all over again. To realize that the greatest plan that is coming together, every day in so many ways, is Life itself.

Many blessings and in love and light.


Trilby D. Johnson is an Author and Vibrational Integration Mentor whose message of self-actualization, embodiment and self-love invites people from around the world to embrace their Sovereign Authenticity as they release chronic thinking around money, health and love. She provides tools and skills for people to live a life free of pain, suffering, sadness and self-limiting beliefs and makes spiritual living practical.

Find out more about the possibilities here – http://www.trilbyjohnsontheconnective.com

©Trilby D. Johnson 2015. If you do share any part of this article, please quote the author and reference this blog at http://www.connectiveharmony.com – Thank you.

Is Distraction Stealing Your Life Away?



isdistractionstealingyourlifeIs distraction stealing your life away? Talking with a friend a few days ago, we were discussing the busyness over the Christmas and New Year period and how this can distract us from our true resolutions. Whether you actively participate in the festivities or not, you are bound to be affected by this time of year and through those around you. It’s about this time in January that the fervour is over and life begins to return to a more sedate pace and when a true state of reflection and a perhaps more plausible setting of targets is possible. Remember, even when it comes to choosing what you wish to add or release from your Life in this exciting new year, timing is everything. If you do not take the appropriate time to sit in quiet and conscious reflection and then begin to map out your plan of action, you may experience – yet again – that distraction is stealing your Life away.

Yes, it’s written there in the word itself! Can you see it? Distr-action is there to distract you from taking action. Focus is so easily lost as we are bombarded nowadays with information and calls for action from all sides. But how much of what you do is in alignment with what you really – and I mean REALLY – desire for you and your Life? Whilst humans have developed the ability to multitask in so many ways, the more I have really looked into the importance of focus – the ability to be fully conscious in activity – the more I see the distraction inherent within multitasking. As a massage therapist I learned that touching or massaging two different areas of the body at the same time, causes the brain to ‘defocus’ and creates a – in this case – a deliberate state of distraction. As you are not able to focus on two things at once, with equal attentiveness or consciousness, your cognition will be channeled to the most predominant stimuli being experienced. Which in the instance of massage is relaxation, or in other words relief from tension. So it stands to reason that when you are doing two or even more different tasks at the same time, this causes the brain to defocus and can actually become a distraction that can lead to error or inaccuracy. The ability to maintain an overall main focus is very powerful and creates a force that not many will dare to mess with or confront. This does not mean that focus has to become obsessive and over thousands of year’s the human brain has evolved to make repeated behaviours more habitual, thus streamlining and automating the small stuff. Whilst handy this may not always be optimally beneficial! If you still find yourself having to make the same old same resolutions each year to improve yourself, then it is highly likely that you are allowing distractions like diet, jobs, shopping, relationships, issues of lack around money, health and love to steal your Life away.

So how can you get your Life back? I have found that beginning each day with a declared point of focus helps me to stay calmer and more productive. I keep a sharp eye out for those distractions which creep into conversations, give priority to mobile phone calls, enticing activities that have nothing to do with my daily target. For example, busy with writing my next book for publication later this year, I know that instead of blogging, I wish to focus on writing my book. When I move my focus from writing content that needs to go into my book rather than in a blog or social media, I have to watch it. So I looked for a win-win solution by writing this blog about distractions and touching base with my readers at the beginning of this new year. Then get back to writing focused content for my book.
Make a list of your daily targets and tick them off as you get them. This is taking action. Even if you do not complete your list, keep at it. This is still meant to be fun. It is also a great way to acknowledge and celebrate all that you do achieve. Whatever you do, do it fully present! That way distraction has less chance of sneaking up on you and into your life.

Another great reminder is to notice your breath. Usually when you are in a place of distraction, your body responds to this. So by observing your breathing, you can get an idea of where you are on the scale of allowing yourself to be distracted. The choice to stop and take the action of consciously breathing then allows you to refocus and take the action out of distractions. The act of breathing focuses you back into my body. And then you are able to choose again from a place of focused attention and step out in alignment with your daily aspirations, rather than alongside them. Don’t let distraction steal your focus inappropriately. Follow your breathe – it knows the natural rhythm of the present moment.

Action is something that happens NOW. Whatever comes after that towards reaching a goal is detail. It chops and changes, but when you are totally present, it just becomes a part of the flow. Each moment is tremendously precious, not because you may miss out on doing something, rather because it is a moment of pure creation made available each and every second. Start thinking about it in this way and asking yourself – which helps to keep you present and focused – what would I like to create with this?. Time abounds with creative instances and with your consciousness, you breathe form into being.

May you make and take focused action, so that this year is full of YOU, as you step out and embrace your Life. The world needs you to be living fully here and now. This is why you are here at this time. Distraction steals this knowing from you. Put a stop to it.

Many blessings and in love and light.


Trilby D. Johnson is an Author and Vibrational Integration Mentor whose message of self-actualization, embodiment and self-love invites people from around the world to embrace their Sovereign Authenticity as they release chronic thinking around money, health and love. She provides tools and skills for people to live a life free of pain, suffering, sadness and self-limiting beliefs and makes spiritual living practical.

Find out more about the possibilities here – http://www.trilbyjohnsontheconnective.com

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2014 in review – Thank you everyone!

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,200 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 37 trips to carry that many people.

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Is 2014 your Best Year Ever?


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by2014Is 2014 your Best Year ever ?

I had posted the above picture in the beginning of 2014 as I embraced a new year and way of Being. What a difference a year makes! This of course can work both ways and life events can change from good to not so good, or from not so good to really good.  The lives we live are fragile and beautiful things and they can change either way in the blink of an eye, for better or for worse. Regardless of which, always remember that this too shall pass. Perhaps a great question to ask though, is how can this pass into something bigger and better than anything I can even imagine?

In February’s Blog, I suggested 3 things you could do to make 2014 the best year ever. These were 1. Ask more, 2. Receive it all, and 3. Stop saying ‘I don’t know’. Do you remember? Did you give them a go and if so, what showed up for you and how is it different? These are great questions to ask yourself and to notice what thoughts and emotions may come up. Why? Because when you are aware of something, you are in a position to change it …… consciously. You have everything to gain and not much to lose really. And whatever does fall away, simply no longer serves your highest positive outcome. It is all about Trust in yourself and that people will do what they do. Period.

What unfolded in 2014 ……..

What an amazing year I have had. This time last year I had just moved into my new home. This was following several months of scrimping to pay my rent, not to mention any bills and basically existing on rice, as I could not afford anything else and faced eviction. Today I live in what I consider my ideal setting, with my own organic garden, where it is peaceful and my background sound truly is birdsong most days. In September I flew around the world, on The Connective Tour 2014, able to return to Europe for the first time in 7 years to visit my mom. It was such a blessed time. And to stop over on the beautiful island of Raratonga on the return trip.
In November I published my first paperback book, available from Balboa Press, Amazon and Kindle, or many local bookstores.


Find me on FB/trilbytheconnective

As I have expanded over the last year, I have become clearer in my vision and what I am here to experience and my purpose of expression. Part of this change has been aligning with a different feeling and approach to my business and this has gradually evolved into something new. So I also chose to give my business a new name. BE YU Well-Being served the first phase, however I felt I had outgrown this persona. In August 2014 I changed the business name and website to Trilby Johnson – The Connective and my blog to Connective Harmony. It seemed to be an organic expansion and expression of a greater authentic self-actualization.

I feel vibrantly alive and abundant. I am so grateful and feel blessed and honoured. These are exciting times and it is so good to be alive and experiencing first hand physical manifestation. If you had of told me this is what would show up for me in 2014 when I was back in 2013, I would have found it hard to imagine. It is not so much that I did not believe it was possible, but rather ‘how’ I was to make it happen. I have been truly blessed to have a few really special and inspirational people in my entourage who supported me and acknowledged my greatness in moments when I myself could not quite yet see it.

I wanted to share all of this with you so that if 2014 is not yet your best year ever, it is still possible to end it with style and grace. And you can start right here right now. Choose, focus and receive. Ensure that you surround yourself with amazing people who inspire, acknowledge and mutually support you. You truly are worth nothing less! You do have to choose to embrace this knowing however and then ask for what you want to direct the energy with consciousness!

I also know that what has unfolded during this time, is simply the beginning of amazing possibilities and of living with ease and joy. These are indeed Amazing Times!

I also take this opportunity in this final blog for 2014 to thank you all for sharing this journey of authentic self-actualization that has unfolded and would be delighted to have you continue to travel with me in 2015.

Wishing you all a de-Lightful year ending and new beginnings.

In Light and Love.

Trilby D. Johnson is an Author and Vibrational Integration Mentor whose message of self-actualization, embodiment and self-love invites people from around the world to embrace their Sovereign Authenticity as they release chronic pain. She provides tools and skills for people to live a life free of pain, suffering, sadness and self-limiting beliefs.
Find out more about the possibilities here – http://www.trilbyjohnsontheconnective.com

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?


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5896-fantasy-landscape“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” from Sonnet 18 of William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliette’ sprung to mind recently. This blog is not about the sonnet itself, but rather this simple yet profound question. Let me extrapolate.

This question sprang to mind as I found myself comparing myself to others and in a way that was bringing up some strong ‘negative’ self-judgement. On taking a closer look at the underlying energy, I had an epiphany as I came across a contradictory belief – I simply do not believe in competition. I value individuality and celebrate the uniqueness of each. Yet, here I was confronted by my own inner Judge. Which was a great moment, because now that I had identified who the players were, I could choose where to focus. This is when this question sprang to mind.

Being compared to a Summer’s day feels delicious. It it light and fluffy and filled will luminescence. There is an ease and a warmth of Being that I desire to experience and be in this comparison. It felt good. I felt good! Better than all that heavy judging stuff.

I really realized that to break free of old ways of thinking of beliefs systems that were limiting the birth of new creations for me and them manifesting in my life, I was and would have to focus exclusively on this delightful sense of what I already was and could accomplish from this place.

The only one that was bringing clouds and stormy dark weather into my day, was me. Each time I looked at myself or what I was doing in a way that devalued me, I took one step further away from my Soul. This is the reason that I felt so awful! I was disconnected. And I am definitely standing on the brink of ‘this is where it ends!’. Focus is such an amazing tool of choice, that can cut through so much unnecessary drama and trauma. I am no longer looking for the heavy and intense energy anymore. I am breaking free because I am already free. Identity is a facade that we wear to become ‘socially’ acceptable and which simply no longer works for me, if it ever did.

Shall I compare me to a Summer’s day? Absolutely! Free. Abundant. Generous. Light. Warm. Alive.

So if I am going to compare myself at all, I am going to choose the most amazing of things to compare myself to. I Am a Child of the Universe!

In Light.

©Trilby D. Johnson 2014. All Rights Reserved. Any sharing of this or any part of this document must acknowledge the work of the author and the link! All posted reviews and shares are most appreciated. Thank you for sharing the Magic!


Trilby D. Johnson is an Author and Vibrational Integration Mentor whose message of self-actualization, embodiment and self-love invites people from around the world to embrace their Sovereign Authenticity as they release chronic pain. She provides tools and skills for people to live a life free of pain, suffering, sadness and self-limiting beliefs.
Find out more about how she can co-create more Magical Living with you, for you! http://www.trilbyjohnsontheconnective.com

3 Ingredients for Magical Living


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aha createspace final cover-frontThe more time I spend alive and living, the more I not only believe in magic, but the more I see it, feel it and become it. It is so so exciting! What is exciting is the symbiotic communion between the adult and child that I am and can be on different occasions.
As a child, I never quite got to fully live as a child, as is the case for many youngsters. Life circumstances often calls on us to become older way before our years. I do remember Magical Living though and for many year’s of my life, acutely felt the loss of this state of being. So it was with much joy and anticipation that I became aware of the deepening and caring nature of my own inner reconnection with my little girl.

Interestingly enough it has been through the medium of writing – in particular ‘channelled or spontaneous writing’ – that this bonding came about. My expression of art is writing. On the page, I am able to connect to my Heart’s Knowing and hang on as my fingers type to keep up. :-) The whole process of creating a new life form, is in and of its very nature, Magical in my eyes. So I invite and encourage you to explore different mediums and uncover what your you-nique form and expression of magic is.

Below, is an excerpt from my newly released book ‘A-HA INSIGHT INSPIRATION QUESTION‘ where I lay out the ingredients for the recipe for Magical Living. To open up the space and create a place where the Magic can be invited in and welcomed and experienced.It is ultimately through experience of something that knowledge is integrated and leads to understanding. In my new book, I use the term ‘a-Ha’ as a synonym for Magic. The book is also full of quotations that will support you in coming to a place of Magical Living, through a-Ha’s, insights, inspirations and question. Whether you believe or not in Magic, give this recipe a go. Allow yourself to see what shows up. Let yourself be amazed!

The term ‘a-Ha’ is defined as ‘an exclamation used when you suddenly understand or find something’. This state of a-Ha-ing is often how I feel when I receive awareness. It has a quality about it that I have come to recognize as signalling ‘correct’ information . . . for me. I actually feel this in my body, like a current of energy that moves through me, when understanding becomes an integrated experience, cognitively and physically. Whilst it can be a kind of ‘confirmative’ feeling, often it can be information that is what I term ‘bigger than me’. By this I mean that what comes through as understanding can be something unexpected or unrelated to what is going on in my day. Like a glimpse into another world and life. These ‘a-Ha’ moments are very often soon matched by synchronistic events, articles, data, experiences. They are often unforgettable as they tend to be life changing. One can never think in the old way again.


This term is often defined as ‘the ability to gain deep understanding of something or someone’. For the purpose of this book, insight is used synonymously with ‘awareness’. It is that moment of clarity and overview of the bigger picture. Sometimes referred to as intuition, it is the fruit of listening and really hearing that inner voice. Insight involves trust – trusting that the information that is coming through is correct. Life’s experiences have taught me to trust this voice that speaks quietly and simply, often in strong contrast to the incessant and loud mind chatter that is involved in cognitive justification and polarity thinking. Insight is a sense of knowing what you know! There is no doubt or fear. Conscious recognition of the insight can lead to the moment of a-Ha.


This is something that occurs either due to mental stimulation to take action of some kind, or it can be a sudden and brilliant new idea. The energy of inspiration feels like a dance: a sense of congruency and balance that follows on the heels of the insight and which is like a door or pathway that suddenly appears, opening up fresh and infinite potential. The urge to take action and breathe new or different life into a thought-form. It can be felt as excitement, joy, motivation, or feeling energized and alive. Holding a Vision and working towards that target. Enjoying the journey which makes the destination all that more enjoyable and richly valuable. Usually, when inspiration occurs, there is a sensation of a burst of energy and a feeling of being vitally alive in a way that is new. The quotes that follow are meant to stimulate the birth of new ideas and yes, that anything is possible.


Questions are generally used to illicit information or to resolve a matter. Here, the question is used differently, in a way that is not about finding an answer and in particular, the right answer. Words are vibrational frequencies and when these are strung together in the form of a question, there is a split millisecond—before the ego mind steps in to decide, judge, or conclude— where the door to possibilities opens. It can take some training, but it is possible to become aware of these moments of empowered potential and the enormous scope of receiving that is available, as opposed to limiting yourself to single either/or answers. The question empowers when phrased correctly and becomes an extremely powerful tool for multiple choices.

The question is and can be the key to more expansive and abundant living. It forms the connection that links the insight and inspiration to the a-Ha moment. So please ask questions, about everything and anything.

The saying ‘there are more questions than answers’ holds true, so these questions are invitations to be adventurous and explore. There are many more possibilities available to choose from and questions—when used correctly and appropriately—are the keys to the kingdom of receiving and possibilities, so to speak.”

The more you embrace the magic or look for the ‘a-Ha’ within everything – including yourself – then we become an invitation. What kind of an invitation would you like to be?
I see Magic as being about freedom, choice, change and understanding. Are these elements that interest you and that you wish to have more of in your life? If so, then just add a pinch of insight, a drop of inspiration and a sprinkle of question. This is the moment when your life becomes free of pain, suffering, sadness and self-limiting beliefs. Magical Living is about Thriving.

Here’s to your Magical Living!

In Light.

p.s.  If you would like to purchase a copy of this book – either Kindle or Paperback – you can use/share this link – http://www.amazon.com/-Ha-insight-inspiration-question/dp/1502576678/beyuwebe-20

All posted reviews are most appreciated as this helps others know about my work. Thank you for sharing the Magic!

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Trilby D. Johnson is an Author and Quantum Holistic Harmonizer whose message of self-actualization, embodiment and self-love invites people from around the world to embrace their Authenticity. She provides tools and skills for people to live a life free of pain, suffering, sadness and self-limiting beliefs.
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Interconnected Oneness


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Tulips Near RuttenI know that everything is interconnected. I have felt it. And that as the Hathi’s said, where awareness goes energy flows and where energy goes awareness flows. Whichever is the predominate vibrational awareness will manifest and not focusing one’s awareness, a form of unconsciousness, is an awareness in itself.

With a strong connection to the Elemental Gaia, I know that Her plan is not our plan. All that is occuring is happening as a response to energy. We cannot get away from this fact. Everything is energy. All animals, plants, elementals, minerals, etc, everything does have a consciousness of its own, in that it is a part of a greater unfolding.

Humans are lucky in that they get to see, in this predominantly physical realm of denser vibration, the manifestation or de-manifestation of energy, visibly. That is, made physical, as are we! Because we have not been taught how to inter-commune with others or our surroundings, we are looking at things through the limited eyes of polarity thinking and until this shifts, well the rest of Creation is going to be doing what it has to do.

I hear people all the time moaning about the weather …………… too this, that, not enough this or that. When it rains I have to mow the lawn more often. Then they appear surprised when their lawn begins to die. The concept of Oneness already is. It is not something we have to attain, only to become conscious of. Creation is unfolding exactly as it is meant to. The Earth, Gaia does not need humans to continue. However, humans very much depend on the physical qualities of this planet to sustain their life. Whilst we are responsible for our vibration, the rest of the Universe is not dependent on it. This is a great arrogance that humans, if we are to survive, must transcend.

In Light.

The Awakening of the Indigos and Blue Rays – 9-25-14

Trilby Johnson - The Connective:

Sometimes, no matter how much you believe or try something, things will not budge. So great to read this article, without aligning and agreeing, just seeing it as very insightful. it offers a perspective that it is not personal. The current conditions are not yet ready for major changes. To take the time to collect resources, figure out our options, and take time to reflect. Grateful that in my asking for clarity, information was provided. In Light

Originally posted on Higher Density Blog:


There is a mass awakening occurring for the highly sensitive, creative, and empathic beings known as the Indigo and Blue Ray beings. I am addressing both as they are both experiencing many of the same issues at this time.

The Indigos and Blue Rays come from different lineages but one of the main differences between the Indigos and Blue Rays that I will mention here is that the Indigos are mainly either still children or young adults at this time, they can be very outspoken and tend to go against the grain of main society and have always felt like outcasts. They are unwilling to conform to societies standards if it isn’t congruent with the way they believe things should be done. While they may attempt to go with the flow, they cannot suppress how against the “system” they really are, and simply cannot and will not accept things…

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